Reminder, meet me at the big Phoenix, AX NACHI event Tuesday night.

124 turn out:

It was really nice to meet all the NACHI members that showed up. We had members from Las Vegas, Yuma, Tucson, and a lot of other Arizona locations. A lot of members volunteered to help with the next meetings, so the meetings should be better and better as we get more NACHI members involved.

I also enjoyed meeting all of the ASHI members in attendance.

Roberta set up a website for the Phoenix chapter. The address is I will be updating the site with chapter information as it becomes available.

Thanks again Arizona members for the great turn out!

My wife and I want to thank Cheryl for doing a wonderful job setting up and running the Phoenix meeting. It was fun and informative! So many people, needed more time just to get to know everyone. Thanks again to Cheryl and NACHI.

Well done Cheryl. =D> :nachi:=D>=D>

And now maybe even a fourth AZ chapter forming. :slight_smile:

Correction: the web site address for the Phoenix Arizona NACHI Chapter is



oops, my mistake, typing the URL too quick. Sorry!