Remove and Replace a roof top HVAC unit Cost

Any one got an ballpark price on cost of removing a 4 ton HVAC unit and replacing with new one. Doing a Capital Expense for 30 HVAC units for Commercial Plaza and can’t find any pricing which includes removal of old unit.

Thanks in Advance

Gas pack?
Electric package unit?
Condensing unit only?
Do you need a crane?

Too many variables, and I’m sure geographic regions all have significantly different rates for this work.

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Thanks for reply. Needed estimate for Plaza Capital Expense report for bank. Phoned Dale Duffy and got all the info required.

HVAC includes so many units like heater, condenser, chiller, that need proper inspection. If it completes more that 10 to 15 years then it becomes very crucial to replace it. As old unit always required more power to run by which you can not save more money on the utility bill.

That’s one way of doing it! :+1:

get an estimate from a local contractor