Replacing a 2-prong outlet, with a GFCI...question

I have verbiage for ( older 2 wire homes) that recommends that
they consult a licensed electrician for upgrading their 2 prong outlets
to a GFCI type outlet…


After a 2 prong outlet is upgraded to a GFCI by a licensed electrician.
Will that outlet still test open ground?


Yes it should be labeled as such.

Just to confirm…My meter when inserted would read: correct wiring?

Is an EGC present which would allow the installation of a 3 prong receptacle or this a 2 wire cable without an EGC?

Your tester would still show open ground if the cable and enclosure is ungrounded.

Robert is correct.

Now here is one for you Boys The other day ( 2 wire system was showing 2 greens on my tester However one green was slightly on . This is not a cheap 10.00 tester.I found the the ground screw had been turned down to scrub the Metal Box. Still not a grounded circuit . I was wondering if one of those cheap tester would have tested ok.

Conduit is a proper ground method however in your case it may not have been secured properly which is a totally different situation.

Not sure about your tester but if the box is metal it doesn’t matter if the ground screw is touching the box since the entire metal yoke of the device (which is mounted with metal screws) is connected to the ground screw.