Electrical Tester question

I used a 3 prong, 3 light gfci tester on outlets throughout a house today and it was reading that all of the connections were correct. However, when inside the electrical panel, I saw no grounding wires at all. How is this possible? If there is no gounding system, shouldnt it read open ground? I know I need to up grade to a better electrical device that will read amps and voltage drops, but for now I’ve been using the cheap $10 ones. Any ideas on this?

Sounds like they cheated it and connected the white (grounded conductor) to the ground screw.

Older systems used the conduit for grounding. . .

I guess it could be either of the above, so I guess that’s another reason we look in the panel! Personally, I would not be able to leave until I at least took a cover plate off to investigate, but that’s just me.:mrgreen:

Ditto, me too

Way too curious


When using those testers I always push the GFCI test button if there is any question. Many times the third light will go out when I push the GFCI. Another test is use a voltage sensor at the faceplate screw to see if it lights up when the GFCI button is pressed.

About 20% of my inspections are on houses with no grounding.

it was an older house and it did use conduit so that is probably the answer. I am going to recommend upgrading the system because the buyer is looking to add central air and not enough room in the panel to add anymore breakers. Thanks for the help!


When in doubt use one of these they’ll never lie to you.

Another one of those Illinois homes that are wired in conduit no doubt. Man you gotta feel for those poor guys who lug pipe in dwellings. Better them than me !

C’mon Paul…put your purse down. Two bundles of pipe probably weigh 50 lbs! :smiley:


Paul it is nice when you can change conductors with new or put in a different gauge when needed buy pulling it and with out needing to rehang all that extension cord.
Oh yeah you guys call it Romex or something like that:mrgreen:
(at least when it sparks it stays in the tube and we never gotta worry much about someone pounding a nail through it):mrgreen::mrgreen: