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Posted by: Candice Clings
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Obviously you have some “issues” with your manhood.

I could not see the number because I can’t stop laughing.
Could someone email it to me and give me the directions to the house of ill repute in many states. Damn those ladies look good!
Where the hell’s this Pink City!!!
I getten in my truck and driving there to get myself a christmas present.
PS: Anyone is welcome to share the gas only.
Next stop, Pink city.

Will you be mining the gas yourself from your butt buddies? :shock:

Ha ha ha.
By the sounds and smell of the gas fart verbiage, escanlan must be near by.
Seeing you are only interested in men and definately have challenges with your manhood, I did not think you would get the joke.:wink:
Now go and play in the local urinal and stop sniffing around.

Hey Pepe Le Pew you should know about STINK!

PS>>> Have you ever been married (to the opposite sex)?
Do you have any children?