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Post: Brand New E-Perm Radon Testing Device
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Mr. Wise.

I have never seen an unsubcribe link in any email I have received from you.


NACHI was originally founded on the premise …
“Message Board be Open to Everyone, Everywhere, At All Times”

No moderation…
No private areas…
No Member Only…

It served us well in early years with regard to Organization Growth and Expansion…
I think the pendulum has swung…
we need to move back towards the center with regard to recent criticism of posts…

And the SPAM continues…



Here is a idea why not just block that email address ?

It is beyond that now Wayne. Look at the first post of this thread, and the other ‘reported’ thread.

He claims…

as his justification for reporting my posts.

I just posted proof that it is not false. He is a liar.

Everyone who can read these threads needs to be aware of who and what this person is, and what they can expect if they have any contact with him. Hell, it doesn’t really matter if you contact him, he mines contact information from Nachi, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

He made the conscious decision to continue spamming my emails, sending harassing emails through my websites and the Nachi call me now button, and making harassing telephone calls.

He has elevated this to the next level.

Jonas, I’m suspecting he may also be trading or selling his email lists which he mines to other spammers. The day of or the day after one of these initial posts I received his offer for CE and then immediately began receiving spam from divisions of one spam company. Tons of it all at once.

I agree. There is definately a pattern. Coincidence? Maybe, but it sure is suspicious.

Same with me. A couple hours after posting, I get an email from the jerk. No unsubscribe as Mike said. SPAMMER…

It’s spam at worst and annoying at best. To be compliant just have an unsubscribe button.

ESA or Aaron is not understanding they are burning bridges here at iNACHI. Just sayin.