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Posted by: mgoldenberg
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Not again Robert…

Oh geez there you go again making a fake compliant to the State Licensing Board, sure you’ve been saying that dumb threat for a very long time.

What about the Canada inspectors not thousands of miles away that say this - you’re soooo popular:

***One is upset because he got caught on multiple occasions openly supporting another Association over this one.

One is just confused at the best of times and just attacking to stir up crap… And then lying about it eventhough he’s caught.

Mr. Pseudonym is just pissed because everybody knows what kind of ignorant and unethical bully he really is.

***You attacked Members of this Association by sending letter to Franchisors, Regulators the media… Trying to belong to a group of unprofessional arsehats. Then in a moment of lucidity and cowardice, you went and deleted some of your posts thinking the recipients would understand what kind of person you really are.

***You go around criticizing others, whilst falsifying your credentials and trying to shaft seniors

Mr. Gpldenberg.
You do not practice your COE.

As to your false accusations, please provide proof when confronted by any commissions over seeing the complaints I lodge. They are being lodged.

Best regards.
Robert Young

And it’s not even the end of the month… Did someone get their meds mixed up?

Weenie-hurt feelings due to medical issues & head trauma

What a f ucking retard.

The mental midget threats are not new.
Here’s an anti-Semitic quote from 2 1/2 years ago:

Mr. Goldberg it will be delightful to get at you.
You play a religion card tempting people to be vulgar using religious slurs.
Love to see you in Syria buddy with that attitude.
You are one confused person and that’s for sure.
I am making complaints to FLA’s licensing authorities and commissioner “about you.”

We’ll soon see if this remembrance of his past makes him go koo-koo once more. :roll:

Would you please leave my friend Robert Young alone.
If you have ever talked to him I’m willing to bet your attitude to him would change…Yep!

OK Roy but he needs to retract the complaints from the state licensing commission

I called Robert. lol

Robert you are a good guy and the half dozen idiots see you as Bambi…“fresh meat”…let them have the forum and watch it go the way of TIJ and Inspection News where the doppelgangers over at those places turned their respective sites into ghost towns as well. TIJ just sold ] Take out the “dirty half dozen” sarcasm posts and NACHI educational notices to see how little volume and quality learning comes through this present day version of the message board.The Trump drones have driven all the good people away.

If the Florida Licensing Commission is anything like the Washington State Dept. of Licensing, nothing will happen.

Mr. Young has no standing to file a complaint against a Florida inspector. He is not a client. He had nothing inspected and is not now or ever was a client of Marc’s. Any code of ethics is specific to the State or Organization that requires they be followed. My State COE means absolutely nothing to someone in Oregon. The Florida COE means nothing to anyone in Canada. The InterNACHI COE is a joke and means nothing to anyone since the the Ethics Committee was stripped of any authority cause someone got their little feelings hurt. If you have a problem with the InterNACHI COE, file a complaint with Mark Cohen. Expect absolutely nothing to be done.

I’ve done my homework & have taken much time to create a response for the threatened BBB complaint
The paper’s turning yellow it’s soooo old.
Hope my mommy doesn’t know too

Mental patients are what they are.

You should be grateful (sic) that he didn’t report you to the RCMP !!! :ack:

I’m still waiting for them to show up. :roll::roll:

Ditto. I musta been working when they showed up! :mrgreen:

Just leave a note on the door telling them how to contact his doctor.

I must agree with you Bob. The MB is Nothing what it was 4 or 5 years ago. Not even close. It’s definitely gone down hill, almost hit rock bottom.