Reporting substandard living conditions

I recently inspected an apartment complex & one of the units was so disgusting that it almost made me sick. The kitchen was cluttered with food & rotting dishes & the bathrooms were just nasty. I took many photos of the filth & commented on the living conditions to the prospective owners but here is my question. Has any one after performing an inspection had there report used to show cause that social services should get involved in a family’s living conditions. The Realtor is considering turning them in to family services they have small children in the home.

I have reported a family to Social Services when I owned a property management company I would do so again as a HI if I felt children were at risk.



“Small children”?

That’s the trip wire for me. What could possibly happen to the inspector that would trump the destruction of children? Hoorah for the Realtor! She / he has GRIT!

agreed. you can turn them in anonymously

I walked in to a place that had no lights on and a dog with insects all over it atthe front door.

Was there to install Cable.

The women said to follow here through garbage that felt like walking though a shallow pond and down a dark unlite hallway.

In the hallway was a crib ,with a baby playing with a dead rat.

Never felt so disgusted in my life and to this day seems surreal.

I got out with an excuse about the cable being down and called DCFS immediately.

I would never interfere with parent /child ,but this was well beyond human suffering.

10 years later a girlfriend was adopting and they as part of the process had to investigate me where the rep mentioned they had it on record I had called ,back then.

Never did find out what happened though.

The company was just mad I did not do the job.

Will never work for a boss again.

I had the WVDHS hire me to inspect the living conditions. This was ordered by a Judge.

Report it.

I do many inspections in retirement communities, about a year ago I was inspecting a vacant duplex when I noticed the horrendous smell coming from the other side. At one point a woman appeared in the back yard who looked & smelled quite bad, my guess was dementia. I notified social services within the community, hopefully they were able to get her the help she so sorely needed, I would do so again.

The property management company that has responsibility for the apartment is taking care of it thanks for the replies. Its sad when kids are made to live in filth I hope they call CPS.