Tenants Ordered Inspection

I had an inspection today scheduled by tenants renting a single family home. When I arrived I asked what the purpose of the inspection was and they stated that they just wanted an overview of the home in general. I asked if they were thinking about buying it and they said no. Then I asked how long have they lived here and they stated a couple of years.

I told them I would start on the outside and then come in and do the inside. When I went in to start the inside inspection I asked them if the owner/landlord knew that I was there and they said no. I told them that they should call the owner and let them know I was there and they stated that they did not want to and that this is for their own information.

I went ahead and did the inspection but I’m not sure where I stand now if something comes of my report. I don’t feel the tenants were telling the whole truth.

Anyone ever have this happen?

I usually get more info in advance. Divorces and irate tenants you want to tread lightly.
Your inspection agreement should have a clause stating you will not be party to any type of legal proceeding. Your report is also not to relied upon by third parties. If you ask enough questions before hand it will be less likely your drawn into a situation where you are defending your report in some manner from a landlord or vex spouse.

Yup, i have all that in my agreement.

Smells fishy, but you shouldnt worry. Tenants have more rights than their landlord when it comes to that house - meaning they can do almost anything they want, within the law obviously. If they wanna have a home inspection for what ever reason - let them. You can never be held liable for doing the report for them as tenants. Landlord can not prevent them either.
Is this inspection strange - absolutely.
Probably for a negative reason, but this should be no concern to you. You performed a legal inspection and probably wont hear from anyone after the report is given. And as previous post stated - should have a 3 rd party statement in your contract. As you do

I only work for owners in that situation. And even then, if there is litigation anywhere in the future, I tell them no. I have a perfect record when it comes to court…knock on wood. I have never gone. I work very hard to keep that intact. I am blunt, straight and professional with people about where I know things will lead to. I simply ask tenents, if things are so bad, why do you stay here? Move some place else. Most of the time, they cant, because of their own decisions along the way. We have that discussion too. Frivolous lawsuit bug the living heck out of me. I tell them that too…

I don’t care how anyone uses my reports. I only care about doing the best job I can and getting paid for my work.

Whoever pays me I work for.

I used to think like that until I had a couple from Thailand getting married and buying a house. Part of their many wedding gifts was the home inspection. 21 people paid for part of the home inspection. Obvious I don’t work for those 21 people…

I don’t really care who pays me because the home inspection fee often is a gift in my neighborhood. I have had the Realtor pay for it as a closing gift, Grandparents for grandchild, Parents, Sibling, Aunts, Uncles, probably some others that I’m not remembering. I often have a company pay for the home inspection, too.