​​​​​​​Residential Fire Sprinklers

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    **Introduction to ****
    **[FONT="Tahoma"]​​​​​​​Residential        Fire Sprinklers**[/FONT]**
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         With the             increase of multi-unit housing and the International Residential             Code update requiring fire sprinklers in all residential             structures, the use of residential fire sprinklers is rapidly             growing.  The protection of residential occupancies is unique             with distinct requirements for the use and location of sprinklers.             This webinar will provide a basic understanding of NFPA 13R             Standard for the Installation of Sprinklers in Low-Rise             Residential Occupancies, NFPA 13D Standard for the Installation of             Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and the             International Residential Code Section P2904.  The scope and             general application of each document will be reviewed.
         **Learning             Objectives:** 
  • Explain the objectives of residential fire sprinkler protection.

  • Learn the scope of NFPA 13R, NFPA 13D and the IRC.

  • Understand the relationship between IRC Section P2904 and NFPA 13D.

  • Describe the acceptable water supplies for residential systems. ​​​​​

         **Audience: **Building             owners/managers, building/fire officials, service providers
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