Missing flashing

No flashing leads towards exterior and interior water damage. Also recommend kick out flashing as well.







I can see the step flashing under the shingles in your pictures. I think the issue is all at the bottom of that mess and a perfect place for proper kick out flashing.

Agree. And possible water intrusion at window sill and cracks in brick wall above.

Nice hack job, looks like they attempted to shove the flashing under the brick then caulk between the roof and wall.

Would have like to seen the attic walls along those areas.

Good catch Frank.

It was a raised ceiling, foyer on one side master bedroom on the other. No attic space accessible. Water damage was found on the master interior wall.

I should have stated improper flashing. I did call out the cracks though.

Thanks for all the input.

more likely the roof was installed before the brick and the brick layers mashed up the edges of the shingles or step flashing on the part between the bricks and the roof. a non issue until to get near the bottom where it is clearly causing water to get into house