Return Air and Fireplace too close

Did a double take… don’t see too often.

Do not draw return air from a room or space containing a fuel-burning appliance if the room or space is the sole source of return air for the system. Common fuel-burning appliances include furnaces, fireplaces, and water heaters.

There are exceptions of course… it’s the AND part of and return air inlets are located at least (≥) 10 feet from the appliance firebox or draft hood.

Which came first the chicken or the egg???

That is one ugly fireplace.

Just remind yourself to never rehire that designer. :):wink:

Tim did you check to make sure they were return vents and not just venting for the area below the raised floor?

One can see in the picture the closet that should contain the furnace.

Why would the crawl vented into living space?

I see it about 1 to 3 times a year and it makes me scratch my head every time. Moreno Valley is loaded with that condition

I’m sure the house heats up really fast though when it’s on :shock:

Ever notice stuff like that will go in “waves”? The same day that I saw that install… I saw a “flipped” home, that had a new FAU, with the sole return in the bedroom :shock:

“Works fine 'til you close the door”

Is the doorway a renovation for Santa Clause?
Hard time with chimney chase flue liners and cap.
He greases himself up to slide down those tight confining spaces.
Mrs. Clauses gives him hell when he gets home. Greased up your suite again Mr.C.
The doorway is a great Reno idea.:slight_smile: