Air Return within 6ft of a Firbox

(Sam Morris, LC #341 CMI) #1

Is this acceptable ? Return is within 6 ft. of gas logs firebox (is the rule within 10 ft. for this type application) there are two returns, one at front of house and toward the back DSCN6229 DSCN6230

(Larry Kage, CMI) #2

I’d write it up as a potential safety hazard, or such.

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #3

Here’s the source from 2012 IRC

M1602.2 Prohibited sources. Outdoor and return air for a
forced-air heating or cooling system shall not be taken from
the following locations:

5. A room or space containing a fuel-burning appliance
where such room or space serves as the sole source of
return air.

  1. The fuel-burning appliance is a direct-vent
    appliance or an appliance not requiring a vent
    in accordance with Section Ml801.1 or Chap¬
    ter 24.
  2. The room or space complies with the follow¬
    ing requirements:
    2.1. The return air shall be taken from a
    room or space having a volume
    exceeding 1 cubic foot for each 10
    Btu/h (9.6 L/W) of combined input
    rating of all fuel-burning appliances
    2.2. The volume of supply air discharged
    back into the same space shall be
    approximately equal to the volume of
    return air taken from the space.
    2.3. Return-air inlets shall not be located
    within 10 feet (3048 mm) of a draft
    hood in the same room or space or the
    combustion chamber of any atmo¬
    spheric-burner appliance in the same
    room or space.
  3. Rooms or spaces containing solid-fuel burning
    appliances, if return-air inlets are located not
    less than 10 feet (3048 mm) from the firebox
    of those appliances.
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(Dan Burke, License #13082819 Certified Master Inspector) #4

Funny, I just had one of these too. Thanks Chuck!

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