Return air question

  1. Updraft gas fired furnace in a mechanical room

  2. Electronic lighter

  3. Induced draft with operable blower

  4. Return air door has operable blower shut off switch

  5. Older home

  6. Door to closet has grill on it

  7. Return plenum is below unit

  8. Return plenum grill within 10 feet of this closet

  9. Does IRC 2006 permit a return air grill within 10 feet of this closet if the furnace has induced draft system?

  10. If the door were replaced with a solid door and proper combustion air provided would it be acceptable?

  11. Does the term “firebox” also apply to gas fired fireplace assemblies?
    The code I am reading is:

[FONT=Arial]SECTION M1602 IRC 2006. I could paste it but am not sure about copyright.[/FONT]

I’ll respond just to get some other folks looking and answering maybe.

  1. Why would the NEC even address this question? I suspect it is silent on it.
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

My opinion is that the furnace having an induced draft is immaterial, the return is <10’ from the draft hood (or it’s equivalent) or firebox and that is improper. There are several pretty good HVAC folks here on the board that will hopefully respond.

Type fixed. NEC sb IRC

Aha…OK, that makes more sense. :smiley: