Furnace in a bedroom closet

If a furnace is installed in a bedroom closet and the closet is properly vented to the attic and crawlspace is there any other code reference prohibiting this? I have a PG&E (gas utility) guy saying it is OK, even though the door isn’t even sealed tightly.

What type of furnace Ralph?

Is there a water heater in the space too?

It’s a forced air furnace with an induced draft fan. I researched an install a while ago with a high efficiency unit in a bedroom closet with a sealed external air supply and I had a HVAC contractor tell me that you could not have any furnace in a bedroom closet due to “storage habits of the occupants” (if my memory serves me correctly). I can’t find any code reference for this though.

No water heater, but there is no phisical separation between storage space and the furnace


It cannot be located in a bedroom closet if it is receiving its combustion air from the bedroom. IRC G2406.2

Check your local ordinances for a more restrictive interpretation.


Here is a picture

The return air (if that is what the grill on the floor represents) must be a minimum of 10 feet from the firebox.

Write it up.

I would not get too hung up on the proximity to the bedroom if all other factors (appropriate spacing, separate source of combustion air, etc) were met. Think about “efficiency apartments”, for example, where the entire area can be considered a bedroom (except the bath).

That’s just wrong Ralph. Recommend corrections by a qualified HVAC contractor.

The seller is saying the utility company came out today and said the furnace install is just fine. I finally had to get curt with her and say goodbye. She is acusing me of slandering her house:shock: .

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Make no reference to code. Simply state that, in your opinion, there is no clear source of combustion air from outside of the bedroom and that the return air being within 10 feet of the firebox provides a safety hazard. You recommend that it be repaired by a qualified (licensed) hvac technician.

You have been contracted to provide an opinion regarding the current conditions of the systems within the home. There is no such thing as “slander” in providing an opinion you were asked to give.

If you screw up and refer to code, you are at the mercy of the local AHJ to agree or disagree with you. Don’t do it.

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Ralph, is there any chance the white grille on the floor in front of the furnace is the combustion air source?

That was my guess and looks too small.

Yes it is a combustion air source. There is also a vent into the attic. They were both blocked off though. Even if the vents are opened up, the door also still needs to be sealed as far as I can tell.

My main concern was if there is a general code restriction to having the furnace in a storage closet off the bedroom.

Thank you for the replies!

Stand your ground Ralph, you’re on the right track.

There is no “general code restriction to having the furnace in a storage closet off of the bedroom”.

If you use the word “code” in your report and the seller decides to sue…you will pay a hefty sum.

IRC does prohibit a furnace in a storage closet…but if the seller removes all items from the closet before the AHJ arrives, all he will see is an enclosure with a furnace in it. “Off the bedroom” is not a consideration.

You mentioned that the seller has already begun using litigious language in conversation with you. You should stay away from citing or referring to code anywhere in your report or your conversations in this instance.

G2406.2 in the IRC mentions what your looking for, but there are exceptions. Regardless, that is for your information only and should not be quoted to anyone else involved in the transaction.

This thread is very old, but came across it while researching. The whole point of this forum is to discuss what does or does not meet code. If written code cannot support our assessment, then our assessment is wrong. Code is the lens by which we must view and criticize building methods of contractors! People don’t hire inspectors to give their opinions on how they feel about a situation.

Welcome to our forum, Aaron!..Enjoy! :smile:

Can you tell me where this is written? Cite your source.
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