Return air set up?

Trying to wrap my head around this installation.
New construction
1600 Sq ft home
All electric
Air handler is up flow.
1st pic is attic
2nd pic is the only return in the home.
3rd pic is of auto damper, opens when unit is on.
5th pic shows 2 ducts (1insulated) (1 uninsulated) connected to the return trunk where on the other side of the wall is the return (2nd pic)
Just trying to understand this set up on the 2 ducts attached to the return.

Does one duct extend to the exterior? Does the home have gas?

Is there an energy recovery unit in the home?

Just looks like a return duct damper on a zoned unit from here in GA and possibly a separated plenum in your last pic. IDK…But Jeff pose a good question… :thinking:

Possibly here. No gas all electric

No none found

Interesting that I have never seen flush facias/trim with no overhang on a roofline like that. Apparently it’s common with the building practices with the house in the background showing the same.

Same builder for all homes in this development

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Was there a kitchen range hood exhaust that exceeded 800 CFM?

Just the piece of crap recirculating type (Non vented)

From here… Looks like an external air intake, not a fan of untreated intake air systems. You need the building Plans, Mechanical drawings, EnergyCalcs (in my state), and manufacturer installation instructions.

Not that eaves are required, just don’t see it too often when they’re not present.

Yeap. Zoned HVAC system

This was the only duct with a damper and was only on the return.

Yea, I’ve seen them on older homes before but not so much on new construction.
I’m not a fan.

Zoned system on a 1600 SF? Every zoned system I’ve encountered was in a larger home. (typically 2 story).

I would just note as it “appears that a zoned duct damper has been installed which may affect proper airflow for the system. Further evaluation by a licensed HVAC contractor as to proper installation should be considered”

Nothing more…

The damper is too help keep the system balanced. Often to control the warm air. You notice it has a manual on and off switch. That’s my guess anyway. I’ve seen similar.

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Yeah, I’m not concerned with what to comment on here as i am with trying to understand this type of set up as it makes no sense to me other than 1 duct appears to be pulling in fresh air from the exterior.
As pictured there are 2 ducts installed in the return.
This is just for my knowledge only. I have spoken to the homeowner about having the HVAC contractor explain the system to him.

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