Return air vent inside cabinet

I’ve never seen this before, a return air vent inside the cabinet above the washer in laundry room. Are there any issues?

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Do you have any images?

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That is a good location for pulling lint and fibers from the clothes and distributing them through the system.:laughing:
Seriously though, pictures would help and it may depend on your location if it is allowed or not.

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Are you sure it is a return?

It may be a fresh air supply for the dryer?

I guess it could be, i couldn’t see where it went being a first floor condo. But it’s using the space between the studs.

Sometimes those grills are used as access panels to service an AAV.

Next time put a a tissue or toilet paper against it when the AC or furnace is running and you will know if it’s a return or not.

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Dryer air intake.

+1 for considering it a dryer air intake.

I would hope not. It’s all about air balancing. All the Supply Air from the house heating and air conditioning would have to go back through that vent for it to work properly. That would cause a serious overpressure of the house

is the dryer gas or electric. Is there a gas water heater in the same room??

Turn the system on and use a piece of toilet paper. If it’s a return, the paper will stick to the grill. If it’s a supply the paper will blow away.

Take the grill off and look inside next time.
I see something inside the hole behind the grill, could be plumbing access hatch, repair hole for who-knows-what, etc. etc.