Reverse Polarity Acceptable? Really?

I’m sure we’ve all come across an electrical outlet that tested as “reversed polarity”. Nothing new.
However, this is the first time I’ve received push back from an agent (the seller’s agent) saying that “it’s no big deal”. This specific duplex outlet is a “half-hot” outlet, where one half is powered and the other half is controlled by a wall switch.
In my experience, whether it’s controlled by a wall switch or not, it should not be “testing as reverse polarity”? Am I correct or are their certain circumstances where it may test falsely as “reverse polarity”?

Reverse is not acceptable . Think of a lamp with reverse polarity the brass case is now alive touch it and any grounded item you could be dead . You are correct and the agent is wrong .

LOL - the lamp example is exactly what I used when I was on the phone with the agent.
Thanks for the confirmation Roy!

Tell the client to request that the sellers agent put her opinion in writing, include her license number and signature as you have done in your report and see exactly how much conviction they have in their opinion and their confidence in their competence and qualifications to offer such professional advice.

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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yep!
Your mother told you to NEVER stick a knife in the toaster for a reason! :slight_smile:

Just what I was about to post…:smiley: