Defects on a 4 pt

I got some feedback from an insurance agent today about a 4 pt I did on a home I inspected he told me most of the items I put on the 4 pt did not have to be there.

Had an outlet with a missing cover plate that he said was the only item that should be on there. I also had an outlet with reverse polarity, an outlet less than 20’ from the pool that was not GFCI protected and a tpr drain line that was a foot off the garage floor.

I was wondering what you guys think should I not be calling these things out? Also does any of these items warant checking the box that the system is not in good working order?


IMO sounds pretty accurate Ken.
I don’t think it would qualify that the system is not in good working order.
The agent (as usual) needs to STOP being an inspector.
The receptacle reverse polarity should not be reported, oh boy! :shock:
Sounds like he just wants to get it thru to make his $$.
Perhaps your client should be made aware someone is not interested in their family’s health & safety.

Marc, just to clarify this was not the realtor but an insurance agent.

Yes sir, I was thinking insurance agent. :slight_smile:

Thank you.:smiley:

All Insurance agents care about is making the SALE same as Used House Salespeople. NEVER let them tell you what to put in your report. It is YOUR A S S on the line and your name that signs the form. Also YOUR License in Question if their is a legal issue. Tell them to pay for their soft report from an inspector they have in their POCKET. Do not be that inspector :slight_smile:

If it was on the home inspection report, it goes on the four point inspection report.

If some insurance guy wants to say you don’t have to fix this or you do have to fix this or it doesn’t have to be on the report or it shouldn’t be on the report or the sun probably won’t come up tomorrow, that’s fine.

Just because somebody says something, doesn’t make it true.

Thanks for the input. I really thought he had a lot of nerve to call me about that.

They DO. You fudged up their sale. That is why Most have THEIR OWN GUYS!

No it’s all fixed did a reinspection today. Gave a clean 4pt. It was the INSURANCE AGENT not the realtor.


I know who you were talking about.

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