ReWiring a house

Redoing some wiring for my uncle row home 1400 square ft. Row home as his eletric is a mess. My father in law is retired electrician and we’ve done numerous things together but he is 79 and not up todate with today code. Heres my thoughts.

I have 2 bed rooms with led ceing fans with lights
Each room will need /have 6 recept each. To meet 6ft apart code.

Master will have 8 recept and led ceiling fan with lights

Each bed room will needs there own 15amp circut 14 g wire with recptacles being 15amp 15 amp breaker. Correct?

Next 1.5 bathoom. Full bath 2 gfi 20amp outlet lighting fixture. half bath 1 gfi 20a plus light fixture
They can all be on a 12 g wire 20amp circuit with 20 amp breaker. correct?

Next family room 14 g wire 10 recessed led lights needs own 15a circuit and breaker. Then 10 recept need own circuit/ breaker.

Kitchen 20amp gfi 2 ft apart cross counter top 12g wire 20 a breaker. Can frig and stove goes on this circuit or they need their own?

Last dryer should have its own 20amp outlet correct?

Based on your questions above, you need a qualified electrician.


There is no code that specifies receptacles be spaced 6 feet apart.

Not on the same 20A circuit

There is no standard for countertop receptacles to be spaced 2 ft apart. You will require 2 small appliance circuits, not one and I haven’t heard you mention AFCI protection, anywhere.

This is a professional inspector forum, not a DIY help forum. It’s clear from what you have posted that you do not possess the requisite knowledge to undertake this project.

It’s important that you engage a qualified, licensed electrician for this project and obtain all required permits and compliance inspections.


Your gonna need a great drywall guy too.

Everything said above, plus:

Best practice is for receptacles (bedroom) to be on a 20 amp circuit with 12 gauge conductor.

Dryer needs to be on a 30 amp dedicated circuit.

You really should hire a Qualified electrician before you burn your uncle’s house down.

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You are mistaken here. Re-read this code. Even at 12 feet apart, anywhere along the wall will have a receptacle within reach of a 6ft cord…don’t forget any wall of 12 inches in width or more.

Many jurisdictions around my area have ammended their codes to no longer allow 14 awg conductors in residential construction. Check your AHJ!

Incorrect. By your description, you are going to F this up.

You2 “2ft rule” is incorrect. Re-read this section again. Similar to the bedroom wall code. 2, 20amp circuits should serve the kitchen countertops.

This would depend upon if the dryer heat source is gas or 240v electric. If 240v electric, 20 amp would not suffice.
GFI, GFCI, & AFCI needs to be in all the correct places. There are different products to do this with.
You desperately need a qualified & licensed electrician that is up to date with current codes (including local) & building standards. You will put people and property in danger if you proceed, plus likely be held liable.

I suggest drawing it out in detail that way you’ll not only be able to visualize the finished product but have a good estimate on what material to purchase, after that it is mostly black-to-black, white-to-white and bare to ground looping from one opening to another in parallel.

Most dryers are rated 220v - 30a.