RHEEM Water Heater Age (non-emegency)

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I’m guessing it’s 1981. Your thoughts? That date seems a little young for the building age, which is why I’m asking.

RHEEM RSS-120 0281-0075?
RHEEM RSS-120 0281-00756
RHEEM RSS-120 0281-00757
RHEEM RSS-120 0281-00758

The anode rod is horizontal.

2nd week of 1981


Agree 1981.
Confirmation of age would be the stamped and riveted data plate.
That must be one of the last ones made that way!


Which is???

1970’s building.
Solar thermal system.

JMO, but I haven’t seen a metal stamped plate on a WH for ages…

Seems right for a commercial building. You have no idea what was originally in place, and if it failed or was too small for the need.

For me… rare to see one in the 80’s, late 70’s yes, thus my comment.

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Those Rheems are beasts. I see a lot of them here in WV from the 70s and 80s, still working just fine.