RHEEM Water heater attachment

Not sure what this pipe hanging off the back of the water heater is. RHEEM WH. It’s attached to the exhaust, can’t seen to identify what it is through google. I’m probably not searching the right words though either. Thanks for the help!

new one on me…

It’s a direct vent. I have no idea, maybe it brings in air? If I had to guess it brings combustible air in from outside.

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That’s the intake, uses what looks like a single pipe for intake and exhaust. 3" exhaust inside of a 6" intake, you can see the two pipes outside the building.

Some info at linkQuery.pdf (412.0 KB)

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Why is does it have that same black plastic “sleeve” on the top and bottom? Is that not a fire hazard? @mgratton thanks for that info, doesn’t necessarily explain that pipe. It could just very well be not understanding it either. Thanks for three hemp fellas.

The intake vent surrounds the exhaust, the plastic sleeves and pipe on the back carries the intake from the 6" pipe down to the burner. My fat finger markup is the exhaust and vent as it exits the structure.

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As Brian F explained, the WH is a direct vent type with a double wall vent (see Brian’s pic above) which means that the inside vent exhausts the hot gas while the outside vent brings in the coo combustion air. That side vent brings that combustion air down to the burner at bottom of WH.

Jesus I’m dumb. Ok I get it now haha. Thanks for the help guys!

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Jacob - It seems like you get the concept now, but there is also generally a pretty fancy wall thimble with these on the exterior. It will usually look like a 10" radius cone with air vent holes on it about 1/4" in diameter all over it. Sometimes they will be used when a traditional B-Vent flue pipe will not work, as if there was a bedroom over this. They cost a bit more initially, but are generally looked at as a quick second for an alternative method of heated water with a less invasive path for flue pipe.

It is called a Concentric Flue.