Plumbing concerns


Any thoughts on the plumbing vent and water heater vent conditions shown in these photos? How would you report on them?

I’ve seen external plumbing vents in older homes. But never anything like that! Wow. I don’t know if it’s “illegal” but it’s certainly stupid and worthy of a plumber evaluation IMO.

The water heater flue, if it’s a B-vent, is < 1" from combustible material (the eave) and is therefore wrong and needs correction.

Thanks a ton Joe. I appreciate the advice.

Nothing in the picture comes to mind as wrong with the plumbing.
Never see that around here though, and I feel as if I am looking at a skeleton.

What’s the deal with the pipe directly below the person’s head in the window? It just connects two pipes that are already connected. Perhaps I’m missing something, but that’s what it looks like.

Was this house in Haiti?

Waste Vent ,Joe
Bottom is the wet vent and top section is the branch vent.
Waste vent Joe.jpg

Not sure what they have going on there. The right angle piece at the top left corner of that mess is PVC connected to cast iron? Thank you for the schematic.

I see Plastic to Cast iron all the time.

The stack is over 50% of the time I see it, Cast iron, and at some point the branch lines are updated to it.