Ridge Board Butt Joint

OK, saw this today, ridge board butt joint, being supported be a 2x4 nailed to the scuttle hole opening…
101 Called out for improper joint and support, anything else?

Those are usually temporary during construction, a ridge board does not typically require support. Was there a rafter on the opposite side? Don’t see it in the picture.

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You don’t need a ridge board at all. No issue

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There was a rafter opposite.

Why no ridge board?

Its only there the make installing rafters easier. Its not structural.


Copy that, thanks! Brain fart at this hour, board vs. beam

I hope that did not make it to the report to the client.

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No sir it didn’t. I always get a sanity check from the experts!


Good deal.

Unless of course it is structural - then the splice and the support are a problem.

A ridge board is not structural and the OP’s picture is definitely not a ridge beam which would be structural, so that splice does not need any support.


Speaking of splices in structural ridges (and girders):

This is out of Architectural Graphic Standards. The accompanying text reads:
This illustration shows the combination of “positive” (downward) and “negative” (upward) bending that occurs with beams spliced at quarterpoint producing supported beams and girders. The two types of bending counterbalance each other, which produces more uniform stresses and uses material more efficiently.

I’ve used the scarfed splice on a non-structural ridge (and it was killer strong) but never had the courage to do it on a structural ridge as shown in the top photo without an engineer’s approval.