RoadScan Home Inspector Personal Body Camera DH22

Interesting product.
How many InterNACHI inspectors are using body cameras?

Twice the memory and better features for $325 less.

CammPro I826 1296P HD Police Body Camera,128G Memory,Waterproof Body Worn Camera,Premium Portable Body Camera with Audio Recording Wearable,Night Vision,GPS for Law Enforcement

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Martin is this camera motion activated?


Motion activated probably only works with a stationary camera. A body camera is always in motion. No way for the camera to know if it’s being moved or something is moving in front of it?


Thanks, Bob.

Anyone know of a quality camera set up that is real easy to install in and out around the house that works with Apple products and is motion sensitive, night vision and audio recording. I would want probably 4 to 6 cameras that I can see from my iPhone 10 or MackBook Pro? I would want it to record to iPhone or MacBookPro so it couldn’t be ripped out and stolen successfully without evidence.

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Hey Larry like Robert said it is not. The camera is always on when you turn it on and it turns off when you turn it off.

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Larry, I have a camera system in my home, no audio however. The way mine works is both cloud based storage and onsite hard drive storage which I concealed. The reason for the hard drive storage is because I wanted closed circuit recording incase the wifi went out.

Simpli safe has an alarm system with a camera, if you can add cameras I would recommend it because it also has audio. It also comes with some cloud storage but I do not know how much. Nor do I know if it has night vision. Might be something to look into. Amazon has a ton of this stuff too.

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I have installed the Lorex systems at our retail store. They have night vision and can be set to always on or motion activated. Footage is recorded to the included DVR. You can access the DVR remotely through the internet or wifi and watch live or recorded footage. Very reliable, professional system at a good price point.

As for ease of installation, that is relative I guess. They are not wireless so you need to run cables from DVR to cameras. Wireless systems are available as well but you have to maintain battery packs (2nd link below).


Thanks guys! I appreciate it all the info.

I’ll have to research them more when I have some free time…maybe this winter? :flushed:

Larry, if you want wireless cameras for your home check out Wyze. I have them on the exterior and a camera doorbell. Quite good for the price and setup has been easy.

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