Romex Wires Thru Steel Studs

Romex run through small holes in steel studs or joists w/out grommets (right / wrong OR ???)


From: How to Perform Residential Electrical Inspections

· [FONT=Calibri]st[/FONT]eel studs: Where NM cable or electrical non-metallic tubing is run through openings in steel studs, protection against penetration is required. A steel sleeve, steel plate or steel clip not less than 1/16" in thickness shall be used to protect the cable or tubing. An opening in the stud requires a plastic bushing to protect the cable from chafing against the steel’s raw edge. This protection must encircle the entire opening, and not just the bottom half, as shown in the photo above.

LOL Dan…you never cease to amaze me----:stuck_out_tongue:

Dan is having a brain fart…

Had steel ceiling joists with what looks like pre-cut holes in them.

Some 2" around … some oval maybe 5"-6" around.

House is in town, 5-10 years old in heavily structured code area.

Yet all basement wiring at ceiling is Romex that runs through various holes / No conduit, grommets, protection, etc.

I have not seen steel studs or joists used in the Kansas area more than 3-5 times in 20 years (too expensive - builders here specialize in cheap - more sf for the dollar - sell the smell, not the meat) AND to best of my knowledge any wires were in conduit, so I’m at a loss to say …

I’m sure they should be in conduit or with grommets or other protection BUT can’t figure out HOW this could have escaped code checks

A listed grommet or bushing is required.

Lol…that verbiage looks VERY familiar…:wink: