Unprotected wires

Loose unprotected romex in closets should be a safety issue, but I can’t find any info to verify that. Where could I look? Or is it not a safety issue?

Here’s one:

“Where necessary” might be a little ambiguous. Just use your judgment and if you see exposed Romex and you can imagine a kid damaging it with something, call it out

I did call it out, isn’t there something about not running romex inside conduit? I was told you are not to do that. So the home owner would have to put in strand wire, correct?

It doesn’t have to be in conduit. If applicable, like when NM cable is in a corner running from floor to ceiling, you can enclose it (chase) with 2X lumber and drywall.

Like others said, building a chase around it may be a better option, seeing as it does not require cutting or disconnecting the cable, but generally, putting NM inside a conduit is perfectly acceptable.
It is done by licensed EC’s all the time, for instance to route NM in an unfinished basement from receptacle boxes up to the space between the rafters, or in any other application when protecting NM is warranted.
What is not acceptable is using NM-B, the “indoor romex”, in conduit (or, especially, exposed) in wet locations.

NM is specifically allowed to be sleeved in conduit.

Thanks to all great info!

Romex is a trademark of a product manufacturer. We should really start to call it by it’s real name. Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable or NM-B for short.

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Agreed Paul. It is still on the program for Home Gauge.:wink:

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Russell B will change it or any HI just needs to circulate the info.

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