Roof condition certification question

I’m wondering how many would call out the use of shingles on a low slope roof as a deficiency on a Citizens Roof Condition Certification Report?

Only if I thought it would affect the expected life “which it may but how much?” but I have never seen it or thought about it.

I do not imagine “MOST” inspectors would even know it was incorrect.

excessive loose, or damaged…yes

From 2/12 to 4/12 pitch requires low slope shingles with a double layer of WRB (felt) or SWR with asphalt cement laid between the courses. No shingle is rated for installation less than a 2/12 pitch.

Didn’t know of any shingle approved by the manufacturer for 2/12. The lowest I’m aware of is 3/12 for shingles.

You are correct. The rule states 2/12 to 4/12 use low slope shingle but no mfg makes a low slope shingle rated at 2/12. Not enough tolerance in case of a claim is my guess.

You would have to call it out as a deficiency. Shingles are not allowed on a low slope roof.

It is my understanding that a low slope roof is classified as 2/12 or smaller, although some would argue that 3/12 also classifies as low slope. So the question here is: what is the slope of this roof? If it is 2/12 you would need to call it out as a deficiency. If it is a 3/12 roof they no, it does not need to be called out. I can bet you that if the roof is 2/12 there were no permits pulled for installation.

Actually it is less than 2/12 - and no, no permits were pulled - Just curious as to who would call it out to Citizen’s - technically, if you follow some folks advice, the form doesn’t question to correct application materials - only if there is evidence of damage/deterioration and or signs of leaks.

I agree. The key is determining life expectancy.
Does the water sit and pool or run off and dry?