Roof help ?

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We are having a metal roof placed over our old shingled roof. We are not experienced. But we dont think the roofers are putting on the flashing right.They have screwed the new flashing to our clapboards and the new roof. The pictures are very clear if I could figure out how to post them…
When I try it says they are to big of a file. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. Could someone help me figure out how to post them or could I send them to someone and they could post them. Thanks in advance for any help.

You need to make them smaller. Go to They have a good free program that does this.

You may be able to re-size the picture if you right click the picture, then a tool bar drops down and it should say Re-size, click that and make sure the size is 640.
I hope you can upload them, I have quite a bit of experience with metal roof and would love to help.

Also try this link and look at the installation instructions, I hope this helps.

Sorry, that link should be

You must have previously installed XP power tools for resizer to be in the drop down. It’s available here:

added a link for photobucket. Hope it works.

Only looked at pic #2 and it is so very wrong.

Very, very wrong, really poor workmanship. i would hold back any monies you still owe them till it is fixed.

Find another contractor in your area that installs metal roofing the correct way and have them in to give you a report.

that is the worst flashing and roof job ive seen. How much are they charging a square?

what ever it is, ask them for double that to get it fixed right.

I am surprised at the answers here. Sounds like a lot of you are politicians. He already knows its a bad job, but not one of you have told him why.

I do not have the time to research it right now, but there are installation instructions (they may be with the permit package, if permits were pulled), that will tell you how to properly install that flashing. If not, I would contact the manufacturer and have them come out and look at the job.

Thanks for the responses. We are paying $6630.00 for the job.
Is the contracter suppose to pull the permit or the homeowner?
Am I correct in thinking the flashing is suppose to go under the clapboards?


I dont know about Miane, but in Florida either the homewoner or the contractor can pull the permit. It is usually cheaper for the homeowner to do it.

For some reason I can’t see the pictures

Found the pic’s sorry. Gary, the proper way to install the flashing is to either cut back the siding (Which will be very difficult to do a good job) or remove the siding. Then the flashing would be installed, then re-install the siding.

There is no way the flashing has been installed correctly nor will it keep the water out. It looks to me that the contractor is taking the easy way out and hoping your not smart enough to notice it. Good call on your part, educated homeowners help the construction trades stay on their toe’s.

I’m not sure where you are in ME but I’m right over the border, if you need any more help send me an email and I would be more than happy to give you a call.

Would it make any difference if the old flashing is still underneath the clapboards and shingled roof?

I would never leave a job that way, even if the old flashing is still there, water will get trapped behind the new flashing and will rot the siding. Tomorrow when we get that Nor Easter think about where the water is going, it will go behind the flashing then where? As an inspector I would call this out, as a contractor I would be ashamed of myself.

PS Not to mention, it looks terrible.

Thanks and yes it does look terrible.

Hi. Gary, and it is unfortunate to see people paying for the type of work depicted in the photos you share to us.

Where in Maine are you from?

In looking at your pictures the siding on the sidewall gable should have been cut up about 4" above the roof in order to apply the sidewall flashing properly.

The flashing would have been bent metal of at least 22 gauge and not 26 like it appears to be. The vertical leg of the flashing would be 6" and then run 4"-5" horizontal, 45 degrees back down and 2" horizontal on the roof where it would be fastened.

In your picture of the sidewall, is the house crooked or is the roof metal crooked? There appears to be quite a differential in alignment with the side wall?

I would reccommend that you consult with a Prominent roofing Contractor with expertize in metal roofing and flashings.

I think you will find that you are being taken over the coals with this type of shoddy work.

Marcel :slight_smile: