Roof Inspection - Water Intrusion

One of these, yes. There are a number of models of them.

What would you call this

That is his photo blown up!
if this gets wet, don’t look real smart to me!

I agree it’s only at the bottom like a smart vent, and some of those products have a thin fabric covering.
But this looks solid, like someone took one of the panels and cut it to an angle, ether way, this is the root of his problem.

This is water being drawn up to those nails!

Well, maybe you should hang out in attics more. It happens. Here’s a few pics from just a couple of days ago. Black staining around rusty nail tips, some even had water droplets. Spots on flooring from the drips. Roof was 5-10 yrs. old. There were attic bypasses galore, including fiberglass batt insulation


No, don’t agree…to a point. The only time that ventilation plays a role is if there’s only exhaust vents or upper vents and no lower intake venting. In other words, if a 50/50 “balance” doesn’t exist.

Exactly. If this isn’t happening, you’re not going to have the moisture issues in the attic, regardless of how well it’s ventilated.
It’s all about attic air sealing and attic bypasses.

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All I can say is, WOW
roof defects

Roof shape: HIP
Pitch: Low Slope roof deck
Roof Covering: Composition Shingles.

Poorly flashing plumbing vent and unknown protrusion.
TV Antenna mast mounting arm is situated under the starter course shingles fastened to the roof sheathing. Moreover, the broad flat tapering TV antenna mast mounting arm slopes downwards. Rain, bulk water, will be directed to flow downstream on the broad flat tapering TV antenna mast mounting arm and disperse under the roof shingles.

Shingle Fasteners are not stainless or hot dipped galvanized.

Refer to a licensed roofing contractor for repairs.

I lived in some of the worse for those conditions, that’s not what you are seeing.
And I’ve been in them all my life. Since about 1965 or so
you will find water/ moister is penetrating the roof somewhere. I had three roof crews and 6 crews building and or renovating not stop.
When I found this, it can be from many things like underlayment breaking down under the shingles, not applied right, or candy striping, or it was something stupid done by one of roof crews members.

Can you offer a more constructive response for his images other than water is coming in somewhere? His images are typical of attics in my area and if the water was coming in through the nail hole I would expect more water staining on the wood. Is that wrong? Just attacking someone’s conclusion isn’t helpful.

What is this bolt doing in the roof?

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I had asked the same thing too, Roy in a previous post.

Distracting the HI from the blocked plumbing vent :rofl:


So it is your conclusion that water is penetrating the sheathing and coming through with the nail to form these drips and rusted nails? I am certainly at the disadvantage of not being able to strip back a roof nor being present when that is done so your insight from the diagnosis side after a HI refers you would be quite useful.

Have you encountered times it was due to ventilation/humidity issues and not from the exterior? What was the difference from attic appearance in those situations?

All - I have some new information from the roofing company about this problem. So the clients reported that they had the leaks and the roofers sent out a tech to do an inspection and he said that he inspected the roof. He said all the windows had moisture and condensation. Caulking looked to have grime and mildew. Basement had a “grow” room with excessive amounts of moisture that has no proper way to escape. He recommended dehumidifiers throughout the first floor of the home… He said his hydrometer read at 79% in the kitchen alone and that 30-40% is recommended.
Fact: They had plant room before roof was installed and no water intrusion. Client has humidifiers in the basement per protocol. Water intrusion was introduced after roof installation.
What do you guys think about roofer blaming this problem on humidity levels. I don’t think he is correct as the condensation from humidity is not uniform and water intrusion is only at window in kitchen and bathroom on floor level.