Roof Inspection - Water Intrusion

I recently inspected a roof in which the client says they are getting water intrusion into the ceiling and bathroom near windows. The contractor installed F-Style Drip Edges and I don’t believe it was installed correctly, channeling the water inside the home. Can someone please let me know if 1) drip edge was installed per standard. 2) The roof shingles installed correctly, as I see unusual bumps around roof penetrations, unusually small pieces of shingles, IMG_2638

and 3) If the attic is improperly ventilated. They installed power vents near the lower 1/3 of the low slope roof. The nails have condensation dripping from them. They also have ridge venting.

Thank you.

That isn’t the drip edge flashing causing that leak, Probably one of the penetrations that are done wrong. That bracket is improper too.

You can’t just shingle over penetrations like that. The flange needs to be interleaved with the lower portion of the flange exiting on top of the shingle. The antenna bracket is asking for trouble. It should be on top of the shingles if you’re going to have it at all. You can’ distort the lay of the shingles that way.


I can’t tell from the pictures, but it looks like the drip edge is installed under the roof decking. But Chuck is right, that isn’t the cause of the leak.

I would also think the power ventilators need to be higher up on the roof to actually be useful.

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Chuck’s got it! :smile:

What a poor installation!

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I’m sure that monkey donk around that threaded rod sticking up through the roof don’t help either.
Looks like the Monkey left a couple of dumps. Subject to leaks.
Needs repair Along with what Chuck said.
What were they thinking? LOL

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Hey Mike, welcome to our forum! Enjoy! :smiley:

How many nails had droplets of water? was it in a certain area only?

Most of the nails I saw had droplets but my ability to traverse the whole attic was compromised.

Sounds like “raining in the attic” that happens due to improper ventilation and moist/humid air leaking into the attic during cold outdoor days. So what happens is the nails being below dew point (they are metal) start condensing humid air in the attic. Your job is to just identify the issue, let the contractor figure out how to fix it.

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LOL!!! Looks like someone dipped his shirt into a tar bucket and wrapped it around that vent pipe!

What’s the material installed between the drip edge and shingles in the third photo?

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It is a smartvent for intake ventilation in lieu of soffit venting below.

Thank you Simon.

Why is it necessary to install power ventilators when this is a new roof install and they have the Smart Intake roof vent and ridge vents?

Thanks Larry, I’m glad to be here. You guys are very helpful.

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw that picture!
And what’s going on between the drip edge and shingles, plus that gutter should be up higher.

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Should we worry about the framing becoming moldy and possibly damaging the framing structure of the home?

YES! without a doubt.
Recommend review by a Licensed General Contractor, not just a jack leg roofer, they’ve already had that guy!

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I blew up your picture, what you have is a product like this ,miss installed and soaking up water from between the shingle and old decking.

there is no rigid foam, it’s a smartvent.

You think it’s this,