Roof Limits

I’m curious what your limits are for mounting a roof? Max height, max pitch?
Assuming they’re not covered with snow/ice/water/moss of course.

I typically try and get on anything my 22’ LG can safely reach.

Whatever you can safely transverse.
Take no risk.

I will not walk a roof with a greater than 8/12 slope.

Make sure to report where you did not walk/inspect the roof and why you did not, in your written report. :slight_smile:

8/12 is too steep without a harness and a valley to walk up. My limit is 6/12, but that gets dangerous on an older shingle roof with loose granules.

Thank you!

6/12 seems to be my limit also.

Thanks for the input. I also agree it’s not worth risking your life over, especially when so much can be determined from the attic space.

I used to walk most roofs.
As i have been doing this over time I stopped walking 2nd story roofs unless i could walk up from the first floor.
Now i only walk the occasion roof unless there is a specific reason and i take all kinds of precautions.
Most of the time I use the drone! I have been using the drone for almost 7 years.

I am coming around to roof inspections by drone myself Jeff. Do you have any recommendations?

Do you have a picture of you standing on an 8/12 roof?

6/12 is my limit, but I do walked up the valley on 8/12 on occasion. A valley on and 8:12 is just under a 6:12 pitch. As others have said, loose granules on an old roof is like walking on ball bearings. For the new inspectors a piece of advice getting off a steep roof is much harder then getting on and tie your ladder to gutter on a windy day, may save you an embarrassing phone call, plus if your really unlucky the ladder may break a window or land on a high dollar car.

I have a dJI phantom pro 3 but i have had earlier versions.

Paul …

A lot of these younger inspectors are a little wimpy. I’m 71 but I still walk every earth contact roof I go on … if I can get on it with my 3’ step ladder.

hahaha, I love it Dan. Never slow down!