Roof sheathing moisture-Don't just add vents

The guy who wrote this article does not understand what proper ventilation of the attic means. Simply amazing!

The guy that wrote the above cannot understand energy efficiency and how heat, air and moisture move in a house or cannot understand what he reads.

Not a credible site!

Can you two Certified Master Inspectors elaborate on your opinions?

A fairly accurate diagnosis IMO.

The article totally makes sense to me. He understands ventilation but more importantly he understands air movement.

Don’t you get tried of CMIs giving you the correct answers?:shock:

You answered nothing Mr. CMI :roll:

According to you:

I love this. LOL

Me too.

And what was the answer? I’m stupid and want to learn from Mr. Sad But True CMI and Mr. LOL CMI

Clue cfm

Those folks that wrote the article are true professionals, not phoneys.

Tell us more.

How often are you just plain wrong?

There is even an explanatory foot note in the original article

Hint: What does an attic exhaust fan really do to an attic?

Good article. Good magazine, too.

Good to see at least a few progressive folks on these boards.

I asked this question on another thread but got no answer:

“How do you get to be a CMI?”

So far two CMI’s offered a clue and a hint. Care to elaborate?