Roof Vents

There is one turbine vent in this roof. There are soffit vents installed. NO ridge vent installed. Builder not happy!!!

can’t blame him not much venting for that size roof…

Buck, just tell the builder it is common sense.

A proper ventilated roof will have 50% intake and 50% exhaust and on a hip roof, it is recommended to have at minimum 40% exhaust, and I doubt the one turbine will cut it.
Nice find on your part. :):smiley:

Anyone know how much airspace a turbine counts for.
I am sure with the extra draw it has more pull than a standard opening.

So if a simple opening is say 1 square foot and pretend a turbine is the same ,does it count as a bigger opening?

Bob, this is what this size vent produces.
Now you can compare this to the manufactures free air ventilation from lets say Cor-A-Vent and compare.

Diameter 8 Inches, Air Flow 4 Mile Wind 255 CFM:)