Roof vents

check these out,

I have heard of those “custom” soffit vents, but have not seen any yet. Interesting, to say the least!

I see several there each to perform a certain function.The pics are of low profile vents.This style home is a bugger to vent properly.They must have done the job right.Looks good to go for me.A mansard is another on thats a pain to vent.Wonder if they would work on that style.
Thanks for the pics.

These low profile vents do not work on roofs that require a higher volume of airflow. For larger attic spaces traditional soffits vents are more effective. Also they do not allow adiquite airflow below vents, which may pose mold issues when A laminated sheathing ( ply or OSB)is installed. This style of venting is a good application for retrofit roofs that do not have soffits or eaves, that allow venting installed in a traditional fashion. When inspecting an attic space with these vents installed, be sure to check in the dead air spaces for organic growth.

InVent Linear Roof vent by Cor-A-Vent. Starting to see a lot of these on new construction instead of the common eave vents. They let in a lot more air and the placement is above the insulation so they can stuff the area above the plate. I think you will see more and more of these as the energy standards become stronger. I recommend these for the older homes that don’t have eaves.

Like what type of roof and why do you say they don’t work?

[QUOTE=pryan;…Also they do not allow adiquite airflow below vents,[/QUOTE]
How do you know?

So mold is a potential problem with OSB or plywood but not with wood boards? I’m curious to know where all this information comes from.

Like what kind of roof and how do you know?

How do you know?

So they’re a potential mold hazard with OSB and plywood but not with wood board? Where does all this information come from?

These vents are now required on new homes in some jurisdictions with high fire danger. Sofit vents are not allowed in these areas.

Claims made in post #4 are in need of substantiation.

“That’s just your inspector’s unsubstantiated opinion.”