Roof With Woven Valley

Hey Guys!
In need of an experienced roofer on the subject of woven valleys with 3-tab shingles. Referring to the pictures below, 3 courses of shingles are installed before weaving the opposite course. I sometimes see two layers but never 3. Would this be an issue, or is this common depending on the valley’s slope? This is my first time coming across a woven valley. Thanks in advance for the help!

California valley ! It is fine.

I thought California valleys had a cut line? That looks like (an attempt at) a woven valley and does not look right to me at all. The weave/overlap should be in the middle of the valley and it seems to wander all over.


It is hard to tell from the pics, but when weaving a valley, if you have two different pitches, you have to double up on the weave to keep the weave in the center of the valley.


When installing woven valleys, courses on adjacent slopes are installed at the same time, overlapping each course at the valley before the next course is started.