Valley of Roof

What would say about the valley of this roof?


Read this thread…it will be helpful.

In short, its an open valley, shingles underneath should be clipped parallel to the rafter.
You should be able to lift the shingles and get an idea what it looks like.

Looks like they had a woven valley, then cut it out. There’s small pieces next to the valley that look like they belong to the other slope. To me it doesn’t look like a pro did it.

I doubt a roofer would weave a valley and than cut it out…too much labor involved…either way next time check under a few of the tabs to ensure that they have been clipped parallel with the rafters.

:neutral: It’s the ‘New and Improved way’ I’ve been hearing about. Look closely. Somebody popped the lines, then, turned regular shingles paralell to the valley rafter, nailed them down, then ran the roof to that, and the full shingles, didn’t need cutting, supposedly. Tacky, imho.

Heck Frank,

I just got these new reading glasses and I still can’t see the chalk lines… maybe
I need a stronger pair. lol

that I disclaimed confirmation with manufacturer’s installation.

That I disclaimed proper installation.

It’s U-gly.
What is showing in the middle? Is that the metal flashing?

When in doubt FOAM IT.