Roofer ran out of H clips

At least he supported the joints…


any port in a storm…

That’s more than I see done 99% of the time.


Plywood clips are mainly used for spacing the panels which is required. If the rating of the sheathing product allows it then the clip itself would not be needed but the spacing would still be required because wood expands and contracts with moisture conditions. Most framers put them in if it’s needed or not just as a matter of course. Missing an occasional clip is not a big deal. If the span rating is exceeded then it should probably be solidly blocked between trusses. This rating is stamped on the product somewhere.


Yep! What Ray said.

I see the clips on about maybe 1% of the homes with OSB where I am. The ones I do see are ones built back in the late 80s and 90s… When OSB was newer and the instructions relatively fresh in the minds of contractors and code officials…We are also about 90% concrete tile roofs so not as easy to see the buckling you come to expect from composition shingles. I have never called it out. our very low humidity probably is much more forgiving when it comes to contraction and expansion.