Roofing tar on chimney cap?

I noticed my neighbor applying roofing tar on his chimney cap. He said he does this every year just before burning season begins. Claims it stops any water leaks and easier to do than applying concrete.

Kind of makes sense to me, but was wondering what you guy’s have to say.

Thanks in advance

If he repaired the broken cap properly, he wouldn’t need to apply tar every year.

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Just hope he is not burning wood. :slight_smile:

Yea, it sounds like he is making a torch and it’ll be a big one if it ignites. :slight_smile:

Have the fire dept on speed dial.
chimney fire.jpg

AFAIK all the mixtures you buy at the local home store are flammable and none hold up well to UV light exposure. Better for use to seal underside of flashings, bonding shingle tabs, etc. where it is protected from light and drying out.

After a few years of application I imagine your neighbor has quite a thick laminate of the material built up. At this point he probably has no choice but to continue applying the material regularly. unless he is ready to tear out and replace the concrete coping.

Tarred flashing is a defect in my book. Since roof tar does not hold up (notice he applies it every year) it can be at best a temporary measure until an actual repair can be made.

Now as for what you tall him. Since he’s your neighbor I’d stay out of it unless he is an extremely rational person. Otherwise his likely answer will be “I’ve been doing this for XX years and it always works”

Exactly what I kind of did. The subject came up again as he suggested that I do the same. Since he is 6’5" and 285 lbs and I am 62 years old 5’7" and 120lbs due to health issues, I just let it slide. He said he did apply a good amount of mortar on top of the cap before he started to apply the tar. His chimeny top is about 25 foot from the fireplace.

Thanks to everybody for your input…