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2 year old roof. Thoughts on this installation.

roof 2.jpg

roof 1.jpg


roof 3.jpg

have tar will travel:D

Can’t think of anything that can be posted publicly…

That is a standard installation in this part of the country.

“One or more roof penetrations have been sealed with tar or mastic instead of conventional metal or plastic flashings. Leaks may develop over time as the sealant deteriorates. The penetrations will need to be diligently monitored for leaks and periodically re-sealed. Replacement of the flashing is a better alternative and is recommended.”

Now I know why oil is almost $120 a barrell!!! Other than a weak dollar etc…

There is no reason for the tar on the top of the shingles around the vent stacks. The only thing I can think of is this may be how they do it in another part of the country. A lot of these roofs were put on by out of staters.

Sh!tty :o

Was it an overlay?

Joe… I liked how you worded the comment so much I filed it

Architectural shingles + Tar =

Do you know if the tar was added when the roof was put on? Or sometime after?

Peter - no it is not an overlay

Richard - Do not know the answer to your question. It looks like it was put on when the roof was put on, but there is no way to verify.

I see tar applied to newly installed roofs also. Shoddy workmanship.

I simply call them out. The lazy roofers should have upgraded every roof penetration with new flashings.