Room with no HVAC vent

Came across a one year old house today with a weird little add on room upstairs. The room was roughly 8 x 7.5 with a little 3 x 3 entry hall type thing. The room had a window on one wall and a built in shelf on another, but no closet. There was no HVAC supply vent.

The homeowner said that the room was sort of optional in the plans and that they had decided to go ahead and have it finished out with the shelves. He thinks there should be a supply vent and I agree. I see many closets this size on exterior walls that do have vents. I tend to think since the room was an option that the HVAC failed to get updated with the changes and/or simply forgotten.

Was looking for some sort of code or standard, if such exists, to back this up to help the client.

All habitable rooms must have a heat source capable of maintaining a minimum room temp of 68 degrees F at a point 3 ft above the floor and 2ft from an exterior wall. (IRC 303.8)

Apparently, what you have found is a closet with a window. Closets do not need a heat source.

[FONT=Times-Bold][size=2]R303.8 Required heating. Disregard the 8) in the previous post :mrgreen:

Thanks, Jeff. I don’t know where that little face came from.

Maybe in another five years I’ll learn how to make a post.

I am afraid that the builder will argue that it is a closet. I told him that much might depend on how the room is described in his paperwork.

Tend not to think in terms of heat sources around here - our problem is generally in the other direction - cooling.

Cooling is not required by model codes. How big is the window?

I know, that’s why I asked.

The window is a pretty standard 3 x 6 or so.

The room is too small to be considered habitable. I can’t think of a model code standard that would require a supply vent in that room. Though I agree that it should have one.

I would just call it out factually in the report “There is no HVAC supply duct/register in…” and not worry about the code on this one. Buyer may have to negotiate for it.

The lack of heating is not a defect in an area that is not intended to be inhabited.

I would simply describe the area in my report as being a storage area and leave it at that.

The room is too small, but was finished more as a room and, according to the homeowner, called a library or study in the design. Inferring that it would be used as more than a closet.

I did simply report the conditions I found and suggest that it be reviewed to see if the absence of the ductwork was an oversight. Then I told the homeowner he would have to negotiate with the builder and see what he could get done.

I had a 4th floor hallway 20’ x 4’ to the walkin attic and rooftop patio with no HVAC duct. It’s not habitable but around here if your walkin thru that hallway in the summer you got yourself a sauna. Probably no code for this. I just chalked it up to common sense and the builder put one in.

Around our area, a bedroom has to be at least 70 square feet to be considered a room. This would not qualify based on size alone.