Is heat required???

I inspected a condo yesterday, the owner made some renovations, including adding a bedroom and a bathroom, the heat was never installed in either room. This may be a stupid question, but is heat required in either or both of these two spaces. I don’t know if any permits were pulled or even required, I would imagine if permits were pulled, the inspector (great assumption) would have noted it.

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Bedrooms are required to have a heat source. If it’s a half bath, a heat source is not required.

It is a full bath.

The added bedroom is attached directly in line with another bedroom but does have a door between, I would assume the space still would need heat?



I will have to check. I’m pretty sure a vent is required in each room. In my local AHJ turf :smiley: a heat source is required in any full bath.

I my area a heat source is required in each habitable room. this includes all bathrooms, bedrooms, and even walk-in closets.

In our area of Florida heat is not a large deal but is required. In most areas it does not say where or how but does say it must maintain all areas at a certain min temp.

Some BI’s will accept a fire place. Portable heaters are not acceptable

As you can see I have spent too much time with the local BI


In my area a heating source is required in all habitable rooms per Code. That includes all bathrooms and utility rooms as well as long hallways.

The bedroom needs heat or conditioned air.

That is the “norm” for most model codes. A habitable space requires a heat source. All other spaces are “not habitable” - closets, garages, storage/utility rooms, etc.

Attached is the definition out of the International building code for habitable note that bathrooms are NOT habitable and would not require heat
**HABITABLE SPACE. **A space in a building for living, sleeping,
eating or cooking. Bathrooms, toilet rooms, closets, halls,
storage or utility spaces and similar areas are not considered
habitable spaces.

Got to agree with Ron—Bathrooms are not considered “habitable” space according to the IRC. On the other hand I think heat in bathrooms is a real good idea.