Rust coming through?

What will cause rust to bleed through stucco and paint like this? This house has a crappy paint job which has several spots where the paint has flaked and left the stucco bare…
At this spot, there is no discernible opening in the paint. There are 3 of these spots on the exterior of the house. This is stucco over concrete block walls…


my guess would be metal lath or another metal fastener if there is nothing above it that is rusting and dripping onto that spot.

It looks like a nail-head. Maybe at some point there was a cable are something attached. When they painted they just tapped the nail in and painted over it and now it’s rusting through?

It could be a sliver of metal out of the mixer!

From the guys who laid the block and or the stucco crew!

The paddles get wore an slivers fall of from time to time!

And it could be what you said.

Once in a while we get sand from the plant here and the stucco ends up full of rust spots. Thats when they have something wrong at the sand plant with their epuipment and it is spitting slivers of metal into the sand.

I agree with Chris. Nailhead rusting.

I’ll bet it is a nail - there are several of these all around the house. Thanks guys…

I had a home today with the exact same spots all around the home.


Any pictures?

The rust spots were on the rear and sides in about 20 locations



Do you have wider shots of the wall?

This is the best one I have DSC09653.JPG

Trac homes?