Rusted lintel or settlement?

Is this the cause of a rusted lintel near the crawlspace opening or foundation settlement?

The second picture showing the joint gab is about 3 foot to the left of the door and about 8 courses higher then the lintel.

We’re you able to see the foundation?

No I could not

A bad lintel wouldn’t affect the brick in the 2nd picture being that far away with no apperant damage between the two cracks. Was there adequate drainage away from the house? The soldiers under the window in 1st pic appear to have been “patched”. It’s probably settlement from what you can see in the pictures.


Looks like settlement to me on the right of the window.


It actually had under ground drainage tubes and one was partially disconnected in the exact area of the cracking. I just now remembered that as I’m trying.

Would you call out further evaluation by an engineer on something like this?

Not knowing if the foundation is cracked, I would. Probably recommend the drainage issue be repaired also.

Water intrusion into the wall assembly.
Windows not properly sealed.
The Row Lock brick window sill are a poor excuse for a window sill.
The row lock bond is to short. It should pass the opening by a half brick wythe.
Not flashed properly.

As for the crawl space opening. Need an image at grade.

Those bushes appear to be getting lots of water.
The drainage system was probably added later in response to a foundation issue. The question is whether the settling is active or not. If not - cool. If it’s active - not cool. Call it out either way and recommend further evaluation by a structural engineer and you’ve done your job.

Nothing wrong with row lock brick sills, they are done all the time. Can’t see if flashing is present.
The recommended detail per The Brick Institute is shown here;

Very rare in my neck of the woods Marcel.
Look at the masonry veneer. Masonry too close to grade.
Poor masonry workmanship.
Flashing and weep holes required.
Row Lock Bond must match bick bond.
Row lock masonry not proud of veneer.
No capillary break.
Very seldom, not the required 15° slope as required.
Bonding Mortar the weak link. Typically but ends degrade first.
Sill end brick row lock holes must be filed with mortar.
God knows how many Row Lock window sill I replaced with concrete sills. Never saw anchors in 30 years.

The wall on the right settled, pretty obvious to me.

I concur.
What caused the settlement? Poor workmanship.

I hope you don’t really believe that and if you do, no wonder everyone here sees you as inaccurate information poster. None of us know what happen, so stop saying the cause is poor workmanship.


Ho hum another WAFI alert… … …

Sorry for the edit, Marcel, members. Had to close windows and doors.
Degraded masonry. Masonry under window sill. Right side.
Cause. Water damage. Poorly sealed windows.
Prior repairs-Localized. Poor workmanship.
Try to remember, I laid masonry.

You should step down as Officer.
Marc. Do the Organization a favor if you can rise up to the occasion.

So did I in 1975, I was the Foreman on School Projects. What were you, a laborer at best? You need to stop making believe. That only happened in OZ.

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Marcel. Maybe you to should consider removing yourself as an Organization Officer if you can not rise to the occasion.
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Here’s a twist. Add some data behind your remarks. I did.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen flashing as pictured in that detail.