Thermal Zone manufacturer date

I’m trying to confirm the manufacturer date on a condensing unit. The data plate says it’s a ThermalZone condensing unit model#CA36K-1T, serial #CA3000250254. The nomenclature does not match what is listed on BIC website nor does it match what I’ve found here in other threads. Interestingly, the model number matches a Goodman unit, but the serial number doesn’t match the Goodman nomenclature either.

I’m leaning towards the 54th week of 2000 based on other information I have found on the net, but I’m not sure.

Any information would be helpful.


That’s a Nordyne label.

Lets see your overview of the full unit with the nameplate showing.

Nordyne appears to be the 4th and 5th digits for the year. If that’s the case, it would be 2000. Would you concur?

The data plate is facing the house.

It has R-22 refrigerant from factory. It also has been spray painted to shit, which means it’s old/rusted. Who cares about the age. If it works at time of inspection tell them they should budget for replacement due to R-22 phaseout and end of expected service life. End of story

I do, I may come across another one.

I’ve already recommended they consider upgrading due to age and condition.

Thank you for your reply.

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With 52 weeks in a year?

I may just recommend replacement in that it appears past its useful life.

Edit: I just saw your last post…

LOL. You haven’t heard??? Global warming has increased the number of weeks in a year. As Gilda said….”Never-mind!”

Ok, I’m now learning towards the second week of 2000.

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Seems reasonable to me.
It’s either '00, or '02, makes little difference I suppose.

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What Richard said…2000.

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