"S" Trap?

Yes or no?

Yes it is


If it is angled past a 90 gravity is working on it.

Hmmm interesting though that it is always angled at least 1/4 per foot right? :slight_smile:

Seriously though it should be 2 times the trap diameter going horizontally which if a kitchen sink would be 3" and 2 1/2" if bathroom.

That’s not an indicator of an “S” trap, Bob. The lack of a horizontal run after coming out of the trap is the problem, ie. a siphon break. A siphoning effect could be the result, causing the trap to drain. But I know that you knew that. :wink:

Then why the Mr wizard talk?
Did you understand what I meant about it never actually being horizontal? :slight_smile:

Lets see some steam from those ears Jeff. ha

The real question (honest) is how far past horizontal it is allowed.
Fun fact…plumbing fittings have the 1/4 in per foot angle built in.