Sad Hearts In The Attic

Inspected a magnificent house today… until we got into the attic.
The buyers were really sad to see this 2 year old house needs the
entire attic support system redone… I captured this picture in the

You have gone too far John, don’t you take pictures with your regular camera anymore??? :wink: :slight_smile:

That picture was taken with my regular camera. In fact… it is now how
I see everything. My eyes have switched over to infrared. now…:cool:

This picture was taken a few minutes later when they started to cry
and got my lense all wet.

THAT IS JUST WRONG!!! :smiley:

[size=1]Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do[/size]

Good picture of the attic rafters though.
Better start saving or I might have missed that one.:roll:

**STOP :smiley: **


Hey John, together we’d make a great team. This is all I see now



Noooo! Click on it to see the larger version. 20 years after tron.



Doesn’t that Suck when the camera gets wet.

I dropped mine in a damn toilet and this is what I get for results…

I wish the IR camera would dry out…


How about posting some “normal” pics so we(at least me) can understand your comment.:wink:

This is how my buddy see everything (pretty cool huh??)

The attic had 2x4 purlines nailed flat, instead of 2x6 on edge.
2x4 up right supports were bowing, not proper size, and not notched in areas.
Rafter loads came down on open joist without stiff backs in some areas.
Ceiling joist sagging as a result of loads from rafters and no stiff backs.
No supports under hip and ridge intersections.
Nothing at the end of some 2x12 joist to keep them from leaning over or moving… and they were.
Dormer loads on roof were not supported properly and braces were showing it.
Long 2x4’s for supports were starting to bow way out under the load in areas.
etc… No venting for cathedral ceiling rafter spaces (trapped air space)…etc…
…No vapor barrier on the back side of exterior siding in attic…etc…
… Huge gaps under eave overhangs at roof and wall intersections (large enough for squirrels)… etc…

Everything inside the house looked very nice.

The house was 2 years old and built by the best contractor in the area… yeah right.

Much better. Thanks John.

What can be said but WOW!