Safe Fireplace?

Did an Inspection in one of those Green marketed buildings and ran into a type of fireplace i have not inspected before.

It has black stones inserted around a container into which you pour a ethanol Alcohol based product

Is this truly a safe from CO-Unit .?

Here is a link to the product.

Wow Bob i never seen one of those either. Got anymore info on them?

They say it has been tested and has a UL certificate.

It has a limited, small fuel supply, not continuous like gas or oil. Ethanol burns cleanly. IMHO, not too much chance of a problem if…the operator follows the instructions!!

Just the link
Working on the report right now.

I’ve seen some of these on different tv shows on Planet Green and DIY. Some of these units are BIG BUCKS. In the tens of thousands depending on the style. They are more of a mood setting / architectural type fireplace than one used for heating. The upper end ones sure look cool on tv.

Here is a link :
The claim is that there are no harmful emissions. IMHO it has to be at least as good as the unvented gas fireplaces :slight_smile:

What did you get for CO readings?