Interesting Fireplace Need Help


Have an Inspection on Tuesday and doing some pre inspection research and came across the fireplace. Im in Florida but looking at this thing it feels like there are multiple safety issues but its also elevated and im unsure if that may change the requirements. Its got no doors , no hearth extension, ect… It just seems like a major safety hazard. What do you guys think?

Is that a wood burning fireplace??

regardless of elevation, embers can be blown out, requires noncombustible floor in front and to either side i’d want wider and deeper due to height than standard installation requirements, & spark screens or glass panels on both sides

nachi & others have fireplace requirements


Yes it is. Which makes me think it certainly has several issues.

OK, Barry has is listed out pretty well. The firebox definitely looks suspisious.

Unless, of course, it once housed a NG/LP pizza oven set-up that the orig homeowner removed and took with them!
Inspecting from the internet is a BAD habit to get started on.
NEVER assume. Get your facts straight and only with your own eyes!!

Not inspecting from the internet. Just have never come across an elevated solid fuel fireplace in Florida and looking for some insight. Isn’t that what this forum is about?

How do you know it’s solid fuel? Could be they plan to put an electric or ventless gas heater. If there is no flue pipe that’s probably the only two options.

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The client has already seen the house and has informed me it’s wood burning. There’s no gas lines on the property. They want to keep it as is so I wanted to have the correct insight when I inform them of the safety issues. It’s just odd seeing a fireplace in the middle of the house open on both sides and elevated. It was built in 1973 so it likely wasn’t an open floor plan but it’s a complete ghost as far as permits go so I can’t be for sure if there were some walls that were likely removed.


Common to have pass thru fireplaces back then. They went well with shag carpet, stained glass light fixtures and avocado tile. If it is word burning, it will certainly need a hearth as others have mentioned.

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OR… go back to the ceramic tile that was there before they just had to install that “wood” flooring!!


I found it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: