Salary or hourly (exempt vs non-exempt)

How are most Inspectors classified for their working status? I’m considering joining an Home Inspection company however they want to pay me as a salaried employee instead of hourly. I’m concerned that this is a fair pay structure since I understand there a some long hours/days and could lead into much more than your standard 40-hour week. Being salaried means overtime will not be paid. Thanks.


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Been a while since I was a salaried employee, but there are restrictions on hours worked for salaried employees, which likely varies from state to state. I believe my state at the time was “up to 48 hours” after which some concession was made for the OT as determined by my hire contract.

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Tbe employer does not just get to choose. The characteristics of the job determine classification according to the DOL. Misclassifying employees as exempt can result in significant liability to the employer.

Fact Sheet #17A: Exemption for Executive, Administrative, Professional, Computer & Outside Sales Employees Under the Fair La - United States Department of Labor › whd › overtime

Realtors are 1099 independent contractors under their managing broker. It works well for them